Robot Lincoln

Sascha K of KMFDM

What a fantastic weekend! Friday night I had the opportunity to be an official be-photo-passed photographer at the Minneapolis show of my favourite band of all time, KMFDM. The show was amazing. They played many of the classics as well as the new stuff, and during the second song Sascha (vocalist, songwriter, keyboardist and original founding member) looked straight down at me and pointed at my camera.

It was an “OMG!” career moment. Special thanks to Megan Bishop of Apatico for making that happen. She is friends with William Wilson of Legion Within, who was touring with the band, and had passed my information on to their tour manager who put me on the guest list.

Getting kickass pictures of my heroes was not the only fun thing I was able to do this weekend though! Saturday afternoon I was offered the chance to take pictures at the 50th birthday of Meagan Marie’s mum at their gorgeous home in the north suburbs. I really

Meagan Marie

enjoyed myself and it was great getting to know Meagan a little better (Look for an awesome collaboration from us later this year.), and her parents are seriously adorable. I hope that Michelle and I are just as cute together after 31 years of marriage. Partway through the party, Meagan and I snuck away to get some beautiful, fashion-y photos of her in the picturesque bathroom there.

After all of that, Michelle and I had the pleasure of seeing Robot Lincoln: The ReVengeance, which was hilarious! I laughed so many times in that one hour. I was sad that it would be impolite to use your phone during the play because there were so many times that I wanted to tweet lines. Some winners for me were:

Robot Andrew Jackson: “One man, plus magnums, makes a majority.”


Robot George Washington: “I can not tell a lie, I’M GOING TO F%&$ING KILL YOU.”

plus casting Thomas Jefferson (“Jeffy”) as a female pimp was inspired.

Excellent writing, a talented and attractive cast, great music and costuming that was really well-done for what you could definitely tell was a shoe-string budget. Sometimes that worked in its favour, though. (Robot Lincoln: “I thought I was the pinnacle of tinfoil and cardboard steampunk technology!”) Overall, I loved the show, and I’m extremely sad that now Fringe has ended and I may never get to see it again. Here’s hoping that Dustin Jackson and Travis Berg find a way to make Robot Lincoln  rise a fourth time and show up somewhere online or at another festival.

After the play, the Libertine Asylum (the art collective which I am a member of) hosted the cast party! Sadly, I don’t have any real pictures of that part of the weekend because I decided to give my camera a brief break. It’s too bad because it was extremely fun!

Robot Lincoln City Pages signed by cast, crew and most of the Libertine Asylum

Everyone that I met from the cast and crew was incredibly nice, and you could tell from their enthusiasm that they are very serious about their art. They were all very friendly and were grateful for the Asylum’s part in hosting their afterparty. And the cheesecake! OMG, that cheesecake! Robb Krueger, the show’s composer, had made it and it was absolutely heavenly. I want the recipe so that I can become a 500lb behemoth eating nothing but that cheesecake. SO YUMMY.

I also wanted to give a special thank you to Sabra Jewell Love. She is the Asylum’s PR person and she is absolutely spectacular at it! She was the one who coordinated with the Robot Lincoln crew to make the cast party happen, and essentially laid all the groundwork for it to happen. She is a fantastic organizer, and should you ever need any kind of event services, hiring her could very well be the best thing you could do!


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