Check out DOMO Photos!

*insert joke about Kyri getting wet here*

DOMO Photos is the professional name of photographer Donna Miller from Stevens Point, WI. I had come across her work with a fellow Libertine Asylum Member, fashion designer Irregular Pearl, several times and absolutely fell in love with it, but had neglected to obtain a link to her profile (I’ll pretend that it was my ADD’s fault, but let’s be real here, I can just be lazy sometimes.). It wasn’t until she actually linked to the ::photoSynthetique Facebook page via a nice post on FB that included a whole bunch of other truly fantastic local artists (seriously, I’m in great company there) that I found out what her working name was!

Her images are beautiful and she is clearly quite talented so I decided that rather than just hotlink her profile blindly, this short introduction might help steer more fans, and hopefully more clients: particularly those in the Stevens Point area, her way!

So go on and check out DOMO Photos on Facebook! Come on back and share your favourite DOMO photo in the comments below. (Maybe she would like to let us in on the secret behind the name DOMO? I would love to know!)

DOMO Photos: Not just a great at portraits, but object/landscapes as well!

All images in this post are ©2011 and 2012 DOMO Photos/Donna Miller.


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