“The Embarrassing Side Effects of Having Recently Read ‘The Hunger Games'”

This post by Holley Maher is pretty spot-on. I laughed multiple times as I recognized more than a few thoughts I’ve had personally, although I think my favourite definitely has to be:

9. Severely premature consideration of your Halloween costume. (It’s gonna take a lot of prep to come up with a passable Effie Trinket getup.)

The rest of the list is similarly amazing. I can’t believe I have to wait three more days to see this movie! I’m so happy I waited until last week to read the Hunger Games series (read all three in five days) because if I was one of those unfortunate souls who had to wait years for this event, I don’t know if I could have contained myself.

On that note, I suppose it will be years before we see Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Damn it. Now I’m sad about that. 😦

Are you seeing the movie this weekend? If you’ve already seen it, what did you think? (Without spoilers, please!)


2 thoughts on ““The Embarrassing Side Effects of Having Recently Read ‘The Hunger Games'”

  1. Seeing it this weeekend! YAY! I’m with you on waiting to read it. I got the e-book versions for my birthday, read the first one on one sunday, read the second one the following weekend and now I have the third but I don’t want to read it because it’ll be over and I’ll have to wait YEARS to see the movie.

    • I wish I could have waited! I knew as soon as I was about 30% of the way through Book 1 that there was no possible way I could hold off. It is going to be agonizing waiting for the next one, just as it has been for the Hobbit and others. In this case especially since they apparently did not lay the groundwork for the next two because they weren’t sure if it would do well enough to justify making the entire trilogy. Considering it’s broken the record for largest number of pre-sales, I think it’s going to be okay so they should start filming tomorrow so that we can get these things before 2015, dammit!

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