Hate to be a nitpick-y nerd, Dead Space 2….

“Hi, I’m Sol and apparently in the next hundred years I’m going to consume most of the inner system!”

..but I’m fairly certain that the Sun would be several orders of magnitude dimmer than that from Titan. Sol looks nowhere near that big from Earth and if I’m doing the math correctly (Titan being nearly 10 AU from the Sun, light being reduced by a quarter for every time you double the distance as dictated by the inverse square law) the Sun should appear to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of 5/16 or .03125 as bright from a space station built in and around the “planet-cracked” Titan than it would be if you were standing on Earth.


Just saying!


(Also, this game makes the mistake of using “solar system” as a generic term in a few places, when they meant to say “star system”. It’s a pet peeve of mine, but it’s common enough that I suppose eventually I’ll just have to learn to live with it.)


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