Had the coolest dream last night…

It was a Doctor Who/Star Trek/HHGTTG crossover in which the Fourth Doctor was traveling with Arthur Dent (as played by the guy from the original BBC series) when they were suddenly attacked by Khan and his forces, which included naked female assassins.

I should probably note that the naked female assassins totally didn’t strike Dream Drayke as being unusual, which probably means I spend entirely too much time on deviantArt and Tumblr.


I wonder what that all means? (Other than the fact that I need to learn how to make music so that I can somehow recreate the awesome theme song that played throughout the dream!)


I think a clueless Dent would make a great companion in terms of story exposition!


Khan just makes the best villain for everything.


How awesome would that episode/movie be? Feel free to write short episode synopses in the comments!




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