35 Light Years

As many of you know, I have a special place in my heart for space simulators. Recently, much of that love has gone to “Elite: Dangerous”, a space flight sim of amazing proportions. As such, I thought it would be neat to celebrate my 35th birthday by traveling to a star, in-game, that would just now be receiving the light from our sun that had been cast on the day that I was born. Thus, here is the (probably realistic) view of Sol, as seen from Zeta Herculis, a star some 34.9ly from Earth. I will almost certainly never get to experience this view in reality, but in so many ways it is still just as humbling that I am able to view it in a virtual space.


That teeny, tiny blue dot at the center? Not the white one, but that super tiny blue one. That’s not just us, that’s Earth, plus the Sun and 7 other planets. All of that, in a dot you can blot out with a needle head from a system that’s practically next door, and we think we’re so cool. Pffft.



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