What? (From #minneapolis)

(Yes, I still IRC. Sometimes. When I remember to log in to my shell account.)

I have no idea who this guy is or why he was in our channel. And no, I have no more idea of what he’s talking about here than you do. Maybe it’s some sort of crazy ass spam?


13:51 < pacman> If their is hope, it lies with the fishes, in Minneapolis
13:51 < pacman> *there, in Minneapolis
13:53 < pacman> the movie Fargo had unintended consequences
13:54 < pacman> these freaks should be shunned by everyone
13:55 < pacman> Whenever I watch movie picture shows, I know in the first place
they are bearing teeth
13:57 < pacman> and I know that is is basically impossible to resist their
efforts to lure us away from reality (though it might be a
struggle, they call it USELESS)
13:59 < pacman> the Japanese people are Advanced, and they have taken a very
unique position: At some point, enough is enough
14:00 < pacman> These movie producers aren’t merely homosexuals, they are
inventers of evil
14:02 < pacman> So when we play games invented by the more advanced Japanese we
should know that they aren’t LAUGHING
14:05 < pacman> when people like John Carmack come along, after living in this
“Real” world with his passion and calling at least one company “Apogee” – Yea, then you understand that we will not take abuse
14:06 < pacman> and you also understand that Carmack is beloved by almost
everyone in the country
14:07 < pacman> I come from another time
14:07 < pacman> I was raised with a certain phillosophy
14:08 < pacman> that I return to and deal with the elements of hell from
14:09 < pacman> time is short Midwest
14:16 < pacman> Luther was probably the most honest man in history
14:17 < pacman> but God still exists, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
14:18 < pacman> he will exist forever because he is God
14:20 < pacman> Only people with a really sinister LACK OF SHAME – which they
call Chutzpah could go against God
14:21 < pacman> I sent them there to die of Heroin addiction, the non-believers
will echo the ORDERS they have been given
14:24 < pacman> until they mount up a posse to defeat SOMETHING THAT IS BEYOND
14:26 < pacman> Nevertheless, it is obvious
14:28 < pacman> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYVX6b9svuE – I am not Lucifer,
we saw him fall – we will never be seduced! EVER
14:33 < pacman> ;|
14:34 < pacman> We will kill his influence on this Earth because GOD SAID SO
14:37 < pacman> you, most likely, have no idea how easy it is to seduce when
the world is in trouble
14:38 < pacman> either way, God knows who I am
14:44 < pacman> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pyvcflyq618
14:46 < pacman> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Af372EQLck – ask yourself: Do
you want to live?
14:48 < pacman> do you want to see that Beautiful head without their conviction?
14:48 < pacman> they assume a cheerful face must belong to them – because they
have ignored reality
14:56 < pacman> females are mysterious, and a mystery is like a riddle
14:56 < pacman> and maybe all females are a riddle, but this riddle has a
14:57 < pacman> it is called Pregnancy
15:00 < pacman> It’s all about the future
15:00 < pacman> 🙂
15:01 < pacman> they are clever
15:01 < pacman> OK
15:01 < pacman> I’m talking about the British
15:02 < pacman> They are all victims of Victorian success
15:02 < pacman> which is absurd
15:02 < pacman> Oh, I was watching the first episode of the Jetsons
15:03 < pacman> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpY1KW0k2iI
15:03 < pacman> Jack the ripper was a Successful Murderer
15:04 < pacman> 🙂
15:04 < pacman> so was TED
15:04 < pacman> (Bundy)
15:04 < pacman> you think their ideas aren’t motivated by evil?
15:05 < pacman> their “rebellion”
15:05 < pacman> most assuredly, their rebellion is a “Good Rebellion”
15:06 < pacman> must I take the time to dismantle your entire life?
15:06 < pacman> I don’t care about anyone
15:07 < pacman> and you aren’t committing suicide, you are condemning your
children to it
15:07 < pacman> and when they die, you will say: “We did all we could”
15:08 < pacman> and “Enough of this crying, it’s time to get away from this
15:11 < pacman> do you recognize me? I’m the one that lets you listen to
15:12 < pacman> You will wind up chasing a dream and blow up into pieces
15:15 < pacman> their message is Satanic

15:16 < pacman> and God has all but completely abandoned you
15:17 < pacman> there is One Solution to this problem, it is called: Admitting
15:18 < pacman> not “Pregnancy”
15:18 < pacman> you are too callous for that
15:18 < pacman> and too old
15:19 < pacman> When I look at people, we see a generation of FOOLS, SUCKERS
15:19 < pacman> so that they have nothing left but to kill their own children
15:20 < pacman> *that is the literal sense: Children are undeveloped humans and
you are an abortion
15:22 < pacman> this is only because you are trying to have children and even
if you succeed, your people are dying
15:23 < pacman> and there is nobody there to be their friends or mates – there
15:25 < pacman> Satan hates you and you will operate by edict (His Edict) and
you will think nothing about it other than: “We did all we
could, at least we have money – oh – and also something else”
15:26 < pacman> “I never did this to my parents!”
15:27 < pacman> Satan has no use for you. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
15:29 < pacman> Have you figured it out yet?
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