Joe Soucheray is a Douchebag

I honestly had no idea who Joe Soucheray was other than that he appears on some billboards around town, but apparently he’s also an asshole and a bad writer who can’t do some simple research, show empathy of any kind or apparently have any appreciation for the arts. (Based on his dismissive attitude in this article, I’m guessing that in his world “art” is more along the lines of “Dude, did you hear that belch I just made? It was a work of art!”). I can’t help but wonder why he even has a column. Is the Pioneer Press so hard up that they can’t afford an actual journalist? I did a quick Google search on him to try to find out more about who he is and it seems like the ‘net is awash with people who are bemoaning his inability to even read the newspaper he’s writing for, as things written elsewhere in that very paper often contradict the things he’s either bitching about or trying to downplay in obvious deference to projects he prefers, as he does here.


“Joe Soucheray: Saints ballpark would feed starving artists, but do they want to eat?”


Besides his obvious lack of investigative skills, he pretty casually insults Lowertown artists based on the fact that they don’t want most of their neighbourhood demolished for a baseball stadium? Clearly this is a real swell guy. His primary bullshit excuse for being such a dickbag is that the stadium will bring in a lot of business for those artists, because I’m sure that’s a real thing. I know that the majority of my portrait clients are drunk dudes who just got done seeing a baseball game. I can always picture the conversation that leads up to calling me: “WHOO! GO SAINTS! WHAT A FUCKING AWESOME GAME! YOU KNOW WHAT WE NEED NOW, MAN?  WE TOTALLY NEED TO HIT UP DRAYKE AND GET US A COUPLE OF REALLY NICELY POSED PORTRAITS! MAYBE GO HOME REAL QUICK AND GRAB SOME SUITS! THAT WILL TOTALLY MAKE THIS THE PERFECT GAME DAY! MAYBE AFTERWARD WE COULD BUY SOME PAINTINGS TOO!”

Seriously, Soucheray? Who the fuck are you trying to fool with that? The only other people I can possibly see falling for that line of bullshit are other similarly out-of-touch old white dudes who still think that making art isn’t a “real job”, despite his job being pretty similar. Clearly he can pretty easily spin some fiction and get paid for it, but he’s probably one of the only artists that will stand to benefit from the new stadium.