Portrait Special plus Kay and Carla

These are some images from the super fun photoshoot that I did with Carla and Kay last week, two of my absolute favourite people in the world. Special thanks to Theresa and her hubby for the use of their amazingly cute farm!

As many of you know, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working in the world of video and audio editing so I’ve been a bit quiet on the photography front. I’m hoping to fix that this summer with lots of equally exciting shoots, and I’m hoping to do so with YOU! To that end, I’m running an on-location portrait special for anyone in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. Just $125 for a standard 2 hour session at a location of your choosing! We’ll get together and make some beautiful images! To book your slot during this special, just send me an email at drayke@photosynthetique.com or call 612-424-9760 (if I don’t answer, make sure to leave voicemail!) before July 1st! I can’t wait to hear from you!


Additional Credits for this shoot:
Carla’s Dress: Samantha Rei
Kay’s Crop Top: Megan Maude
Kay’s Skirt: KMK Designs



Emily at the Beach


Although it’s a bit unusual to be doing a model shoot on Easter, the timing just happened to be right and I had a seriously fantastic shoot with Emily Z. yesterday near Schaper Park in Golden Valley, MN. It was a blast and was reminded why she is such a joy to work with; she knows her angles, she knows what works with her physique and she can hold a pose extremely well!


Check out some of these preview images! Click on any one for the larger size. If you want to see more, follow photoSynthetique on Facebook! That’s where I post all of my newest work and links to everything else. 🙂


Along the Tracks

I can't believe she didn't freeze! It was cold!

Crouching Hair, Hidden Face

Daily B&W: Lara Croft

Thea Hildebrand as Lara Croft

Chances are that if this would apply to you, you’re already there, but if not: I have a room party (“partySynthetique”) at the Anime Detour convention this weekend! There will be food, music and of course lots of photos being taken! Come find me in one of the second floor cabanas and show me your totally sweet cosplay! 😀

Mass Effect 3

Reaper Butt

I started Mass Effect 3 last week and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been seriously hooked. It’s nearly everything that I had hoped it would be. Even the few things that I have to complain about are mostly minor. To sum up my experience so far (and I believe that I’m very close to the end, so this might be a tad premature, but I’ve played long enough to feel that I can give a pretty accurate description of most aspects of the game.) Continue reading