Exploring the Zone

This past fall, I took a cinema topics class that focused on the life and work of the brilliant Russian filmmaker, Andrei Tarkovsky. I had taken the class because I knew that I was already a fan of Stalker and was interested to see his other work.

I found his long takes, his attention to the smallest details in every aspect of the film, and his aesthetic sense to be inspirational. I would love to make a film emulating his style someday (when I have enough money to blow on making a movie like that, because quite frankly it’s hard to see how such a film could be commercially successful in the modern world).

So it was with his work looming large in my mind that I went to the work of creating the videos that I needed to for my very first true cinema production class. Both the Tarkovsky and production classes are taught by the fantastic Santanu Chatterjee.

I wish I could say that you could see his hand in some part of this following video, certainly I was thinking of them when I made it (hence the title), but honestly, he would have hated this film and he probably would have hated me for thinking that he inspired it in any way. Were he alive to deliver such a comment today, I would consider myself very well complimented because I would be in very good company with a great deal of filmmakers whose work he hated.

This video is called “Exploring the Zone” and is meant as an entertaining atmospheric piece. The music is “Synthetic Forms” by Front Line Assembly, from their “Implode” album.

(Please don’t sue me, Metropolis! This is a non-commercial student film!)

Portrait Special plus Kay and Carla

These are some images from the super fun photoshoot that I did with Carla and Kay last week, two of my absolute favourite people in the world. Special thanks to Theresa and her hubby for the use of their amazingly cute farm!

As many of you know, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working in the world of video and audio editing so I’ve been a bit quiet on the photography front. I’m hoping to fix that this summer with lots of equally exciting shoots, and I’m hoping to do so with YOU! To that end, I’m running an on-location portrait special for anyone in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. Just $125 for a standard 2 hour session at a location of your choosing! We’ll get together and make some beautiful images! To book your slot during this special, just send me an email at drayke@photosynthetique.com or call 612-424-9760 (if I don’t answer, make sure to leave voicemail!) before July 1st! I can’t wait to hear from you!


Additional Credits for this shoot:
Carla’s Dress: Samantha Rei
Kay’s Crop Top: Megan Maude
Kay’s Skirt: KMK Designs


What? (From #minneapolis)

(Yes, I still IRC. Sometimes. When I remember to log in to my shell account.)

I have no idea who this guy is or why he was in our channel. And no, I have no more idea of what he’s talking about here than you do. Maybe it’s some sort of crazy ass spam?


13:51 < pacman> If their is hope, it lies with the fishes, in Minneapolis
13:51 < pacman> *there, in Minneapolis
13:53 < pacman> the movie Fargo had unintended consequences
13:54 < pacman> these freaks should be shunned by everyone
13:55 < pacman> Whenever I watch movie picture shows, I know in the first place
they are bearing teeth
13:57 < pacman> and I know that is is basically impossible to resist their
efforts to lure us away from reality (though it might be a
struggle, they call it USELESS)
13:59 < pacman> the Japanese people are Advanced, and they have taken a very
unique position: At some point, enough is enough
14:00 < pacman> These movie producers aren’t merely homosexuals, they are
inventers of evil
14:02 < pacman> So when we play games invented by the more advanced Japanese we
should know that they aren’t LAUGHING
14:05 < pacman> when people like John Carmack come along, after living in this
“Real” world with his passion and calling at least one company “Apogee” – Yea, then you understand that we will not take abuse
14:06 < pacman> and you also understand that Carmack is beloved by almost
everyone in the country
14:07 < pacman> I come from another time
14:07 < pacman> I was raised with a certain phillosophy
14:08 < pacman> that I return to and deal with the elements of hell from
14:09 < pacman> time is short Midwest
14:16 < pacman> Luther was probably the most honest man in history
14:17 < pacman> but God still exists, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
14:18 < pacman> he will exist forever because he is God
14:20 < pacman> Only people with a really sinister LACK OF SHAME – which they
call Chutzpah could go against God
14:21 < pacman> I sent them there to die of Heroin addiction, the non-believers
will echo the ORDERS they have been given
14:24 < pacman> until they mount up a posse to defeat SOMETHING THAT IS BEYOND
14:26 < pacman> Nevertheless, it is obvious
14:28 < pacman> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYVX6b9svuE – I am not Lucifer,
we saw him fall – we will never be seduced! EVER
14:33 < pacman> ;|
14:34 < pacman> We will kill his influence on this Earth because GOD SAID SO
14:37 < pacman> you, most likely, have no idea how easy it is to seduce when
the world is in trouble
14:38 < pacman> either way, God knows who I am
14:44 < pacman> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pyvcflyq618
14:46 < pacman> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Af372EQLck – ask yourself: Do
you want to live?
14:48 < pacman> do you want to see that Beautiful head without their conviction?
14:48 < pacman> they assume a cheerful face must belong to them – because they
have ignored reality
14:56 < pacman> females are mysterious, and a mystery is like a riddle
14:56 < pacman> and maybe all females are a riddle, but this riddle has a
14:57 < pacman> it is called Pregnancy
15:00 < pacman> It’s all about the future
15:00 < pacman> 🙂
15:01 < pacman> they are clever
15:01 < pacman> OK
15:01 < pacman> I’m talking about the British
15:02 < pacman> They are all victims of Victorian success
15:02 < pacman> which is absurd
15:02 < pacman> Oh, I was watching the first episode of the Jetsons
15:03 < pacman> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpY1KW0k2iI
15:03 < pacman> Jack the ripper was a Successful Murderer
15:04 < pacman> 🙂
15:04 < pacman> so was TED
15:04 < pacman> (Bundy)
15:04 < pacman> you think their ideas aren’t motivated by evil?
15:05 < pacman> their “rebellion”
15:05 < pacman> most assuredly, their rebellion is a “Good Rebellion”
15:06 < pacman> must I take the time to dismantle your entire life?
15:06 < pacman> I don’t care about anyone
15:07 < pacman> and you aren’t committing suicide, you are condemning your
children to it
15:07 < pacman> and when they die, you will say: “We did all we could”
15:08 < pacman> and “Enough of this crying, it’s time to get away from this
15:11 < pacman> do you recognize me? I’m the one that lets you listen to
15:12 < pacman> You will wind up chasing a dream and blow up into pieces
15:15 < pacman> their message is Satanic

15:16 < pacman> and God has all but completely abandoned you
15:17 < pacman> there is One Solution to this problem, it is called: Admitting
15:18 < pacman> not “Pregnancy”
15:18 < pacman> you are too callous for that
15:18 < pacman> and too old
15:19 < pacman> When I look at people, we see a generation of FOOLS, SUCKERS
15:19 < pacman> so that they have nothing left but to kill their own children
15:20 < pacman> *that is the literal sense: Children are undeveloped humans and
you are an abortion
15:22 < pacman> this is only because you are trying to have children and even
if you succeed, your people are dying
15:23 < pacman> and there is nobody there to be their friends or mates – there
15:25 < pacman> Satan hates you and you will operate by edict (His Edict) and
you will think nothing about it other than: “We did all we
could, at least we have money – oh – and also something else”
15:26 < pacman> “I never did this to my parents!”
15:27 < pacman> Satan has no use for you. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
15:29 < pacman> Have you figured it out yet?
15:30 -!- pacman [~chatzilla@cloak-32FE7905.br.br.cox.net] has quit [Quit:
ChatZilla [Firefox 13.0/20120601045813]]