Not Like That – #neveragain

I’m not a lawmaker, nor do I have a lot of money to donate to the causes that matter to me. I do, however, have access to cameras, editing software and actors, so I do my part to boost the signal by sometimes making videos about important causes, which is what prompted me to make this short PSA-style commercial.

The time has come for common-sense gun legislation in America.




I realized recently that I had not read any of Tom Tomorrow’s “This Modern World” comics in quite some time, so I spent several hours reading the archives on DailyKos.

The conclusion that I’ve come to after having read so many TMW comics in a row: If I had access to the big red button that would wipe out all of humanity today, I think it would be really hard not to press it. Politics are simply the worst thing ever invented by humankind and should never be allowed to spread beyond our planet. Ugh.

Check out the rest of TMW’s archives yourself, if you have a strong mind for such things.