I landed on the Mun!

If you’re a Kerbal Space Program player, and let’s be honest here: all the awesome people of this world are, you know just how incredibly difficult it is to land on the damn Mun. After having spent two full days learning about pro- and retro-grade manoeuvring, relative velocities and other stuff that a non-physicist should never have need of, I finally did it!

Granted, I was using the MechJeb control module the first time (the built-in lander legs and small monopropellant engines made it significantly easier to keep things intact during the landing attempt) but it was a fully manual attempt and I was just attempting to save myself the trouble of dealing with bits and bobs flying off of my module as I inevitably scraped my way across the Mun surface. I did go back the second time and do it again, this time with good ol’ Jebediah behind the stick. In both cases, I was able to safely return to Kerbin. I have to admit that I feel like I achieved something real here. What a brilliant teaching tool KSP is!


There's my Mun lander, Dragon I, happily resting before the return trip to Kerbin.

There’s my Mun lander, Dragon I, happily resting before the return trip to Kerbin.


Mass Effect 3

Reaper Butt

I started Mass Effect 3 last week and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been seriously hooked. It’s nearly everything that I had hoped it would be. Even the few things that I have to complain about are mostly minor. To sum up my experience so far (and I believe that I’m very close to the end, so this might be a tad premature, but I’ve played long enough to feel that I can give a pretty accurate description of most aspects of the game.) Continue reading