Salem’s Scissor’s – 5 Days of Full Fashion Panic

Photo by Drayke Larson -

Photo by Drayke Larson –

Day 3 of 5: Salem’s Scissors’ collection “Circo”

“Circo” is all about the fun and discovery that one feels while attending a circus event as a child. It’s about all that magic, color and movement that one should never forget about as an adult. It tries to bring back that childish way of dressing fun yet staying stylish while expressing through our similar silhouette, with new patterns and elements.


You can check out Salem’s Scissors’ full collection here.

Daily B&W: Alternative Wedding Dresses

Dress by KMK Designs. Model: Kelly Z.

Looking for a wedding dress that might be out of the ordinary? Feeling like traditional gowns are just….too old-fashioned for you? Check out some of the amazing dresses created by designer KMK Designs in the new issue of the alternative fashion magazine Dark Beauty! It features several of my photos in an extremely gorgeous format. You can order directly from the magazine’s website!

Dress by KMK Designs. Model: Cristina P.

Check out DOMO Photos!

*insert joke about Kyri getting wet here*

DOMO Photos is the professional name of photographer Donna Miller from Stevens Point, WI. I had come across her work with a fellow Libertine Asylum Member, fashion designer Irregular Pearl, several times and absolutely fell in love with it, but had neglected to obtain a link to her profile (I’ll pretend that it was my ADD’s fault, but let’s be real here, I can just be lazy sometimes.). It wasn’t until she actually linked to the ::photoSynthetique Facebook page via a nice post on FB that included a whole bunch of other truly fantastic local artists (seriously, I’m in great company there) that I found out what her working name was! Continue reading